Lifestyle Physiotherapy offers accessible Pilates classes from our in-house studio, The Lookout, offering both mat and small equipment repertoire. We offer small group work tailored to suit all abilities and levels of experience as well as the option of 1-1 private sessions with our Pilates instructors. 


Pilates is a unique system of movement that was originally developed by Joseph H Pilates which focuses on posture, body awareness, flexibility, balance, control and muscular strengthening. The method focuses on the mind body connection and gives a greater sense of body awareness by having to be constantly aware of bodily position, movements and breathing. The technique is often used in conjunction with Physiotherapy and rehabilitation sharing many core elements with other exercise methods such as yoga. 


The Pilates method is accessible to everyone and can be adapted to the individual. The specific exercises provide a strong foundation and focus on the stability of the joints whilst developing strength and flexibility of the muscles. We also own reformer equipment and variety of other props which further enhance the focus on core stability by creating an unstable and dynamic challenge for the body. Pilates beautifully accommodates all levels of fitness and rehabilitation needs and whilst the repertoire varies, the principles of Pilates flow throughout.  These principles are Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Flow and Breath. 


For information about our current timetable please contact thelookout_studio@lifestyle-physio.co.uk for more information or to make an enquiry. 


Lifestyle is very excited to announce that we are introducing YOGA to our timetable very soon!  Keep an eye out for updates!

Personal Training

1-1 personal training and exercise programmes available.